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  • kingfishers

    Unlock Your Bird Book

    2 x 90-minute sessions with Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    Are you new to birding?  Then you’ve come to the right place.  This two-evening course which is aimed specifically at complete beginners will help you make sense of your bird book, and take you through the steps you need to identify birds accurately.

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  • Lilac-breasted Roller 448 x 298 pixels

    Bird ID for Beginners

    12 x 90-minute sessions by Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    A comprehensive guide to the Birds of South Africa.  This course is perfect for complete beginners and more advanced birders.  Start here for a good, solid foundation on which to build your birding know-how.

    Included in the cost are notes and handouts, as well as Part 1 of our Bird Call CD.

    Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

    • How to use your bird-book
    • How to recognise different bird-families, and tell species apart
    • How birds sing, and why
    • Why some male birds wear such outrageous plumage
    • Bird migration, and much more  …
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  • 13402428 - cisticola sitting in the sun on a small brown twig

    LBJs – Little Brown Jobs

    3 x 90-minute sessions by Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    LBJs (Little Brown Jobs) are those very cryptic critters, such as larks, pipits or warblers, which are so tricky to identify.  If you battle with them, as so many of us do, then this course is for you – our experts Geoff and Duncan will give you the lowdown on LBJ ID and save you some headaches.

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  • ducks_20__20sunset__20lake60_edited

    The Life of Birds

    4 x 90-minute sessions with Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    A fascinating look at the daily life and behaviour of birds, how they establish and maintain territories, the varied breeding strategies they use, where and how they nest, and how migratory birds navigate halfway across the planet year after year, returning to their same nesting sites to breed.

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  • Bokmakierie

    Garden Birds

    2 x 90-minute sessions with Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    Gardens are such a great source of pleasure, particularly if there are a number of birds that take up residence there.  Learn how to attract birds to your garden, how to identify them, and a little more about their way of life.

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  • 24727518 - black-shouldered kite


    4 x 90-minute sessions by Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    Raptors are such majestic creatures, but can be fiendishly difficult to identify.  This course will teach you the finer points of recognising the different groups, and distinguishing between similar looking species, putting you on the road to nailing Raptor identification.

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  • Cape Eagle Owl lower res

    A Parliament of Owls

    3 x 90-minute sessions with Geoff Lockwood

    Geoff’s adventures with owls are legendary and he will share his passion for them during this fascinating course.  Identification, adaptions and ecology will be covered, as Geoff uncovers the mysterious world of owls.

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  • Wood Sandpiper


    2 x 90-minute sessions by Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie

    Waders are summer visitors, usually from Europe, and they are often a source of great frustration for birders.  Geoff Lockwood and Duncan McKenzie will clarify things for you on this two-evening course.  Species to be covered include the lapwings, plovers, sandpipers, thick-knees and coursers.

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  • Elephant herd from behind lower res 240 x 160

    Game Ranger in Your Backpack

    4 x 90-minute sessions by Megan Emmett

    An all-in-one crash course which will reveal the intricate workings of the bush.  You’ll learn about the inhabitants to be found there, and the fascinating relationships between them.  Megan Emmett, author of the hugely popular book “Game Ranger in Your Backpack”, will be your guide on this Armchair-exploration of the animals, birds, insects and trees of the Lowveld.

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  • Baobab tree med res

    If Trees Could Talk

    4 x 90-minute sessions by Megan Emmett

    Megan Emmett has a knack for unravelling the mystery of trees, and brings the subject brilliantly to life.  You’ll learn such a lot about the more common Lowveld trees, and explore the inter-relationships between them and the many other creatures found there.

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  • Barleria crossandriformis

    Wildflowers of the Lowveld

    2 x 90-minute sessions with Duncan McKenzie

    Join us on this tour through the different geologies of the Lowveld looking at the wildflower highlights of each region: from the granites around Nelspruit to the rhyolites of the Lebombos, and then north through the basalts and granite plains of the Park to the rugged sandstone ridges of the Levuvhu and Limpopo valleys.

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  • Stegosaurus low res


    1 x 90-minute session with Dr David Johnson

    Had dinosaurs survived, mankind may never have come to dominate the planet.  This lecture will follow the dinosaurs from their humble beginnings, through their monstrous size and huge diversity, to their controversial demise.  Dr David Johnson blends his common-sense approach to natural history with some forensic evidence and sharp wit, as he takes us on a journey into our past.

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  • Earth and Moon in space low res

    Life Story – A History of Mother Earth

    2 x 90-minute sessions with Dr David Johnson

    Planet Earth starts in a cloud of gas and dust.  From humble beginnings, life progresses as new opportunities arise, diverting briefly down side alleys.  Plate tectonics shuffle the arrangement of the earth’s crust, and an array of climatic forces sculpt the surface.  All this contributes to the glorious diversity and beauty we see today.  Inextricably bound as we are to planet Earth, this is the story of us all.

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  • Forest low res

    Life of the Forest

    1 x 90-minute session with Dr David Johnson

    Forests are the most intricate of terrestrial ecosystems, and absolutely crucial to the viability of the earth.  Dr David Johnson will trace the evolution of forests, looking at their geography and climate, and how they support the immense biodiversity of species found there.

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  • CD Covers for website

    Monty and Clive’s Guide to SA Birdsong

    These CDs, narrated by Monty Brett and Clive Hopcroft, provide recordings of the most common bird calls you’re likely to hear. Monty and Clive give helpful hints and tips throughout the CDs, making it much easier to remember the calls.

    Part 1 contains 71 calls, and Part 2 contains 46 calls.

    Cost is R200 for the set of two CDs

    Plus R132 for courier charge (delivery takes a couple of days at most)

    R332 in total

    Please contact us to purchase.

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  • Swarovski Bins for website

    Swarovski Binoculars

    Swarovski has become one of the most popular brands in the world. Their products carry a 15-year guarantee and their state-of-the-art optics are unrivalled.  The binoculars are waterproof to several meters, have a close-focus facility and fixable diopter, so they remain adjusted for your eyes.

    Swarovision binoculars are the latest addition to the Swarovski range.  Sleek and light and with even closer focus, these are the ultimate in optical perfection. The range includes 10×42 and 10×32, which are highly recommended for birding.

    Swarovski's are the binoculars of choice for many of our top birders including Clive Hopcroft, Geoff Lockwood, Dr David Johnson and Dr Warwick Tarboton.

    The ATS 80 telescope has a 20-60 zoom lens and a close-focus facility and can also double as an 1100mm camera lens by fitting a camera adapter.

    Please contact us for more details.

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